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E-I.CO.IL - Accessibilty Statement

This website takes accessibilty seriously and make every effort possible to be comfortably accessed by the general population and people with disabilties so that every user will be able to make the most out of the content it presents. For this important purpose, this website uses NagishLi - a free accessibility plugin. The usage of NagishLi is subject to the terms of license attached to it.

If you have any questions or comments about this website accessibility, please contact us:

Contact Person: Ariel
Phone: 03-6046634
E-Mail: [email protected]

How to use the accessibility plugin

After clicking the accesibility button, the accessibility plugin's menus will expand, presenting you with the following options:

  • Adjusting text size (also accessible by using the keyboard shortcuts SHIFT and A, SHIFT and S)
  • Changing website's colors (also accessible by the keyboard shortcuts SHIFT and Q, SHIFT and W, SHIFT and E)
  • Changing website's display
  • Highlight titles and links (also accessible by using the keyboard shortcuts SHIFT and D, SHIFT and F)
  • Navigate quickly through areas of the page (also accessible by using the keyboard shortcuts ALT and V, ALT and B)
  • Shrink or magnify the website's display (zoom)
  • Make the website's font easier to read
  • Pause animations in the website
  • Listen to substituted audio for the pictures in the website using a text-to-speech program
  • Listen to an audio reading of phone numbers
  • Change the mouse cursor
  • Navigate through the plugin options using the Tab key (and also Shift+Tab) and activate them using the Enter key

Despite the efforts invested in the development of this plugin, in some scenarios content may not be made accessible by it, such as contents presented by a third party (e.g. YouTube, other external embedded content, etc.). Note that NagishLi is in continuous development in order to improve and comply with the latest accessibility standards.