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Electric Industries is a market leader in providing the Industry and the HVAC and Building Management System markets.

Established 1950, Electric Industries Ltd. is active as exclusive representatives and distributors to the Israeli market on behalf of top quality worldwide manufacturers .

We serve different branches of the industry among others Chemical, Electrical and Electro Optic.

We specialize in peripheral equipment for control systems – offering a wide variety of sensors and thermostats, measuring parameters such as pressure, temperature, gas presence, light levels etc. and controlling media with valves and actuators. Among our customers for these products are BMS integrators, HVAC contractors, Institutes – Hospitals, Hotels and Museums.

We offer state of the art solutions for energy efficiency and green building. We take special care in offering products which are user friendly with high-end design.

We support our customers right from the initial planning and specifying phases and provide comprehensive after sale technical backup and know-how.

We value our years lasting long partnerships with our customers and suppliers as our most cherished resource. You are invited to join in.